016 Alicia



Alicia writes:

Hi Kim,
This is Alicia, (red scarf). I wanted to thank you again for teaching me how to knit at the Maker Faire. I really enjoyed learning and hearing your concept. It is also interesting that you have a physical representation of the learning process. You can physically see where I made mistakes, where I experimented, and the progress made…..Another interesting aspect is that while knitting I felt free from pressure to knit “the perfect scarf.” This perfectionistic ideal is always what has
kept me from finishing a knitting project in the past. I approached it with an experimental
attitude and with the main goal of just finishing it.

PS. I have knitted 5 scarfs, 1 hat, 1/2 a sock, 1/2 beret (was supposed to be a hat). I’m giving these away for Christmas this year. I would think that anyone viewing the Virgin scarfs would be able to share in the good luck aspect. It gave me the luck and confidence to follow through on something I had given up on several times.